(English) How do I get started renting at GoMore?

If you are logged in, change the profile language in settings and "Språk" (language). If not, you can follow step 1 and 2 below.

1) Go to gomore.no, alternatively select the country where you are renting a car from gomore.com

 2) Scroll to the bottom of the page, and change the language setting to English (see the flag in the bottom left corner). Once logged in, you can change your language settings at gomore.no/accounts/edit

3) Find your preferred rental car, and enter the date and time of your desired rental period.

4) Press “start booking” to begin your 4-step booking process.

5) First, you have to verify your mobile phone number. Follow the instructions, you will receive a 4 digit code by SMS (if you can’t find your country code, please call customer support or write to support@gomore.no ).

Step 1: Write a message to the owner about the requested rental.

Step 2: Add extra mileage, excess reduction, extra drivers, discounts.

Step 3: Enter details of your driver’s license. Add photo of yourself, front and back of driver’s license and passport/ID.

Step 4: Add your payment card and finish the booking request.

NOTE: Payment is only reserved after the booking request has been accepted. You can send multiple requests for the same period. When one rental request is accepted, all the other requests will be cancelled automatically.

Wait for the owner to respond to your request. Once accepted you will receive the owners contact details and specific pick-up location.

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